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"The Ultimate Design With Hurricanes In Mind"

Modular Home

The "Hurricane Hut" is a modular prefabricated rigid shell, conceived out of the need to provide an optional solution to the problem of hurricane resistant construction for coastal regions subject to the recurring events of nature that generate high winds. The exterior building shell is engineered to withstand hurricane force winds in excess of those produced by category five storms. The modular elements combine to form a basic building block, expandable as required for specific needs and applications. Within the exterior shell, conventional methods and materials provide variations of environment for a standard or custom market.

In addition to single and multifamily housing, further applications can be extended to business and commercial use including retirement/ resort communities, military housing, office complexes, mini-storage, motels, medical clinics, etc.

First priority considerations are hurricane resistance and low cost.
Other features and optional characteristics include the following:
  • Low maintenance
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Vermin resistance
  • Class 1 fire resistance optional
  • Noise reduction for occupants
  • Variable plan and expansion options
  • Multi-use
  • Environmental efficiency
  • Secondary occupant protection optional
  • One-day erection of exterior shell on previously prepared site and foundation.

Available in two modular sizes, the "Hurricane Hut" offers an infinite number of plan alternatives. Our staff is available to assist in developing a plan for your specific needs. Click HERE to view suggested floor plan options.

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